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Oct 5, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. >> so government may raise concerns about people. and if they wrus loous one person, they want everyone to come back if they can be legal status obtain md this country. >> and this company switched to the system for new hires. there is a union trying to organize a boycott beginning monday them say the company refurss to sign an agreement. >> and there is a visit to a truly mazing place. >> families touched and people they don't know care about them. >> there is >>> imagine a stress of a young couple whose baby was diagnosed with a heart condition before he was born thee were able to take advantage of a valuable resource. >> cheryl jennings has the story. >> this opened up his scarf. >> little tanner is only 18 months old, he's had open heart surgery at two days old. he'd heez had six other surgeries and more may be on the way. he may need a heart transplant. >> what is wrong with his heart is that it's flipped backwards. the right side of his heart did not develop. >> they have spent years in and out of ucsf because of the heart problems. they lived in turlock at least a two-hour drive
Oct 9, 2012 6:00pm PDT
out government backed home owns. it seeks hundreds of millions of dollars in damages on behalf of the fha. and this bank issued a statement saying it believes they acted as a prudent lend skbrer vowed to defend itself. >> there is new help for struggling homeowners in oakland who are at risk of foreclosure, the city unveiled a plan to reach out to residents providing them with home own skbrer tenant counseling services as well as legal and financial help. >> and let's be clear. not only do the foreclosures cause devastating harm to families who lose their homes, they also have been causing significant suffering throughout entire neighborhoods. >> and oakland has been hard hit, estimating one in seven received a default notice on the mortgage in the last five years. >> and a loud explosion shook calistoga today. a bomb squad set off a decades supply of ether. 96 canisters were found inside of a closet. but the sheriff's department got word only yesterday and they blew it up today there are several homes under evacuation orders. owe fishes say had was never immediate danger to the p
Oct 12, 2012 6:00pm PDT
tonight. >> the retirement parades through the streets of los >>> federal government accelerating removeal of decaying ships from the bay area. today the department of transportation said it's disposed of 36 ships from sassoon bay. three more scheduled for recycling by year's end. remaining 21 should be gone within five years. sassoon bay is one of three locations where the government stores its mothball fleet. >> the obama administration is setting its aside 300 acres in california to build solar powered plants. it's a new approach for the federal government which allowed jerls to choose where they wanted to put renewable energy plants. the administration will designate public lands with fewer wildlife for development. >> a san jose community group asking city officials to help struggling schools with low scores. the organization held a meeting today and county education officials. the group wants the city to push forward with a 3-year-old initiative to eliminate the achievement gap by year 2020. reports show progress has been slo. they see charter schools as a solution. mayor re
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3